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What you should know about LOGAN!

A Simple Mission

LOGAN is a non-profit organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they, and their families, may achieve their desired quality of life.

Amazing people supporting an amazing mission

Why We Started

When a handful of families from every corner of the community, rich and poor, decided they’d no longer allow their children to be sent away to institutions, they started their own school on Logan Street in Mishawaka, IN. That’s how LOGAN got its name in 1950 – simply because it was on Logan Street.

Where We Are Today

Today, LOGAN serves clients of all ages throughout North Central Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

Your support means so much to us! 


How you help

Every donation to LOGAN helps to improve the life of someone with an intellectual or developmental disability in our community. 


(Just an overview) 

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Residential Services 

We offer Group and Supported living to clients from the age of 18 to 99.  We’re committed to helping our clients find the home that’s best for them, providing the support and services needed for successful community living.

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Studios Day Program

At Studios, we encompass a variety of modes of expression– visual, musical, culinary, kinetic, verbal, and sensory. Our skilled and caring staff encourage choice and creativity.

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Autism Services 

We develop programs and services that are designed with the child in mind. Whether they need a diagnosis, help understanding an existing diagnosis, or discovering available treatments and therapies, we’re here to guide families through the process.


Behavior and Family Supports 

Our Behavior Supports Services are designed for adults and children who struggle with challenging behaviors that interfere with their relationships and their quality of life.

Our Family Supports services touch on multiple areas of concern in order to enhance the quality of life for your loved one, as well as support everyone involved in their care. 


LOGAN Industries 

LOGAN Industries is our worksite for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want to gain employment skills through Pre-Vocational Training and earn wages at the same time.


Protective Services 

Trained Protective Services professionals and volunteers of Protective Services provide services to over 125 people. The diversity of those we serve includes those who live on their own in the community, people living in nursing homes without family support, and others who find themselves in crisis and in abusive or neglectful situations.

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See how LOGAN persevered in 2020 thanks to our amazing staff and generous donors. 

See a little more about what LOGAN does everyday! 

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